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Located right next to the Singapore River, many shophouses within the Boat Quay Conservation Area feature a unique mix of Eastern and Western architectural styles. Most notably, several three-storey shophouses included a rooftop veranda reminiscent of the riverside viewing galleries favoured by European aristocracy.

It is believed that the shophouses at South Bridge Road were built in the 1930s, when the Art Deco architectural style was all the rage. Characterised by simple lines and geometric shapes that mimic machinery, Art Deco buildings feature streamlined designs for a contemporary look.

Typical of most shophouses, the ground floor was opened to the public and served as the location where business was carried out, while the upper floors functioned as living quarters for merchants or workers known as coolies.

Sandwiched in the middle of a row of shophouses, the two-storey unit at No. 47 reveals the changing tides of time that have swept through South Bridge Road in the course of Singapore’s rapid development. Since its construction in the 1930s, the premises have been leased by at least four different corporations.

It was occupied by Thong Kee & Co then taken over by neighbouring Leong Sen & Co a wholesaler, importer and exporter of clothing, footwear and leather goods.

In more recent times, the ground floor premises of No. 47 South Bridge Road served as a space for fitness enthusiasts. Gym n Tonic first leased the site several years ago, and it was taken over by Gold’s Gym Personal Training in April 2019.

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