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304 North Cardinal St.
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Afandi Hawa & Family


14 Haig Road, #01-21 Haig Road Cooked Food Centre
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Mee Rebus (Malay for “boiled noodles”) is a dish popular in Singapore and Malaysia. At Afandi Hawa & Family, the mee rebus sauce is stewed with dried shrimps, mutton scraps, and flower crabs, resulting in a rich, not-too-sweet sauce with a distinct stock and curry flavour. The texture of the sauce is thick and smooth and a serving comes with a whole egg and a prawn.

They have stopped ladling mutton scraps but the sauce remains delicious and flavourful. This place is halal-certified.

Afandi Hawa & FamilyOpening hours: Thu - Tue 10am - 10pm

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