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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Amber Hotel (Former Kim Sun Hotel)


Blocks 40 and 42 Amber Road, Singapore 439878 and 439895
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From private residences to commercial hotel

Not many would know that the two blocks on 40 and 42 Amber Road used to be private residences in the 1930s. The exact year at which the private residences turned into hotels is unclear. However, it is known that 40 Amber Road became Kim Sun Hotel before 2008, and Amber Hotel took over the use of the building on 42 Amber Road before 1988.

Kim Sun Hotel was subsequently taken over by Amber Hotel and serves as the hotel’s reception and facility centre.

Architecture and style

Amber Hotel is housed in a four-storey building with an architectural style characterised by modern construction and modern materials. Bare of decoration, the building’s design is functional and practical.

Convenient and affordable accommodation

At the time of writing, Amber Hotel is a one-star hotel that is located at the Katong District of Singapore.

Seeing that there was an increase in demand for co-living spaces, LHN Group, a real estate management services company, acquired the building in November 2020. The group’s intention is to fit the property out as a co-living cumhotelspace with personal rooms, communal spaces and amenities.

Amber Hotel is a suburban hotel that residents of Katong would be familiar with. However, not many know that the hotel’s buildings used to be private residences in the 1930s.

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