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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Ascott Centre for Excellence (Former Chaoyang Special School)


2 Anthony Road Singapore 229956
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The compound of Ascott Centre for Excellence was originally the campus for Anthony Road Girls' School. The school was one of the first four “emergency” schools that were built in 1950, under the Supplementary Education Plan launched to provide schools to absorb the growing population of children of school-going age, who had no schools to go to.

Anthony Road Girls' School closed in 1980 and the compound was used as a temporary holding campus for other schools for the next few years. Chao Yang Special School, which provided education for children with special needs, moved into the compound in 1986. The school moved to its new premises in ang mo Kio in 2006 and the compound is now occupied by Ascott Centre for Excellence, which provides training for the hospitality sector.

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