Physical Address

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Former Malay Film Productions Studio

8 Jalan Ampas

The former Malay Film Productions (MFP) studio was established in 1940 by Shaw Organisation, which was founded by brothers Runme Shaw and Run Run Shaw. Malay films were shot and edited at the studio grounds which housed large-scale sets replicating locations such as kampongs. Between 1941 and 1967, a period known as the Golden Age of Malay Cinema, the studio produced more than 150 movies.

After a temporary closure during the Japanese Occupation, the studio reopened and released its first post-war film, Singapura Di-Waktu Malam (“Singapore at Night”) in 1947. Shaw’s films were shot by notable directors such as B S Rajhans , Jamil Sulong and Ramon Estella. The studio’s biggest star was P Ramlee, a Penang-born actor, singer, director and composer who starred in over 60 films and directed more than 30 movies.

In the late 1960s, the MFP declined as the local film industry faced competition for audiences from television and foreign films, as well as increasing costs arising from labour disputes. Many talents, including P Ramlee, also relocated to Kuala Lumpur after the Federation of Malaysia was established in 1963. Shaw Organisation followed suit in 1966 and the MFP studio was eventually closed in 1967.

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