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India House


2 Peirce Road Singapore 248554
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The historical tropical Tudorbethan bungalow located at 2 Peirce Road sits on more than 1.2 hectares of land in a serene environment, and is identifiable by the Indian flag hanging in front of the house. It was originally commissioned in 1911 by Ong Sam Leong, a wealthy and respected Chinese businessman, and was built by Williams & Steadman. In 1948, the entire estate was sold to the Government of India and has served as the official residence of the High Commissioner of India to Singapore, except for a few years when it was deemed structurally unsafe due to damage caused by a falling tree.

The bungalow, also known as "Bharat Bhawan," was restored to its original condition by architect Steven Siow and his team of architects, contractors, and project managers in 2007. Despite the lack of original blueprints, the team used historical records to piece together an architectural documentation of the property. The restoration process was challenging but rewarding, with the team taking great care to preserve the original materials and architectural elements such as brick and timber, traditional colonial ceilings, and polygonal turrets. They even retained certain interior pieces, such as the living room tiles and grand mirror, as permanent keepsakes.

To add a contemporary touch to the bungalow, a new modern wing was seamlessly integrated into the back of the house. Connected to the original structure VIA a courtyard with a reflective pond and fountain, both the original house and its extension blend seamlessly to replicate the former's historic architectural style.

The reconstruction, which spanned from 2007 to 2009, took two years to complete. The efforts of the team were recognized when the bungalow was awarded the Architectural Heritage Award in 2009 by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

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