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Jamek Queenstown Mosque


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On 25 December 1964, the Jamek Mosque was officially opened by then Malayan Minister for Agriculture and Co-operatives, Mohamed Khir Johari, in response to the growing number of worshippers in the estate.

The Mosque is designed in the traditional Javanese style and features a single-storey structure with an imposing minaret and pitched roof above the prayer hall. It was surrounded by a miniature garden filled with tropical decorative plants and wooden fences along its perimeters.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the Mosque suffered from frequent flooding due to its location in a low-lying area next to the Alexandra Canal. As a result, the stretch of road next to the Mosque was raised six times, and the garden was replaced by a larger drainage system. Johari bin Pardi, a 61-year-old worshipper at the iconic mosque, remembers, "The area surrounding Margaret Drive was extremely prone to flooding. There was once when the flood was knee-deep and animal carcasses were floating around."

Today, Masjid Jamek Queenstown remains a vital religious and social development center for Muslim residents in Queenstown.

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