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Macpherson Road Post Office


70 Macpherson Road
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The two-storeyed Macpherson Road Post Office was inaugurated by Aljunied assemblyman Mr S. V. Lingam in 1963. Like other community-based post offices, the first floor of the building was designed to receive the public, and features show-case windows with a large and visible main entrance door. The second floor however, was meant for the resident post master and instead boasts box-framed windows. An extensive overhanging hip roof provides shelter from the elements, and completes the building’s simple aesthetic. A small compound by the building’s side offers a few lots for cars and service vehicles.

On 8 January 1979, the site went through a short renovation. When it reopened on 18 April 1979, it had a more spacious lobby and new service counters, with additional post office boxes installed. The boxes could be rented for $30 a year in those days.

1977 Armed Robbery

On 31 May 1977, the post office was also the site of a daring robbery. According to eyewitness accounts, two armed robbers entered wearing crash helmets, and proceeded to empty the office’s drawers. They made off with more than $10,000.

The police believed that this was not their first robbery — at least 15 robberies in over a year which accounted for more than $20,000 in cash and jewellery had been attributed to the pair.

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