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Once a royal palace and forbidden ground? Who would have thought that Singapore's "mountains" held so many fascinating secrets!

Did you know that actually none of the "mountains" in Singapore are real mountains? According to geographic definitions, hills need to be between 200 meters and 500 meters in elevation. However, the highest "mountain" in Singapore, Bukit Timah Hill, is only 162.5 meters high. So the "mountains" in Singapore don't even qualify as hills, they can only be considered slopes.

Bukit Timah Hill

However, this doesn't stop these slopes from being a great place for people to relax on weekends! Here's a rundown of some of the interesting "mountains" in Singapore:

Bukit Timah Hill and Mount Faber: Great choices for hiking and taking in the view

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve has various walking routes where visitors can either leisurely stroll and enjoy the natural surroundings or challenge themselves with more difficult trails for a great workout. For cycling enthusiasts, there are also cycling lanes within the reserve. You might even encounter some monkeys along the way (remember not to feed them).

Transportation: Take the blue line MRT to Beauty World and exit at Exit B. Walk straight ahead (with a row of dining establishments on your left, famous for its Bukit Timah Hainanese Chicken Rice). After passing through a pedestrian bridge, continue walking until you see the entrance to Bukit Timah Hill. Once you have descended from the bridge, you will notice a high-level pathway where many people are walking. This is also one of the entrances to the old railway track.

Mount Faber is the second-highest "small mountain" in Singapore that offers a panoramic 360-degree view of the city skyline and the sea. You can even catch a glimpse of the iconic Merlion!

Fort Canning Hill: Singapore's version of Nanluoguxiang

Fort Canning Hill is located near the bustling city center and is surrounded by traditional two- to three-story shophouses. There are various retailers, trendy bars, and restaurants all in one place, offering a stark contrast to the high-rise buildings in the central business district. In the evening, grab a drink with a couple of friends, and chat away!

Fort Canning Hill was once a forbidden spot and was considered a royal burial ground for the Sultanate of Malacca in the 14th century. The last Sultan of Singapore, Iskandar Shah, was buried near the top of the hill. The English name, "Fort Canning," came about in 1859 when the British built a fort there.

Emerald Hill: An oasis within the city

Do you know that there is a small hill along Orchard Road? It's Emerald Hill! This place is actually a well-preserved Straits Chinese community, with serene surroundings and buildings showcasing traditional Peranakan architecture. In fact, it was designated a conservation area in 1989 due to its significant historical and architectural values. The residential area here is also highly coveted despite being a former plantation.

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