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Paya Lebar Methodist Church


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Paya Lebar Methodist Church was Established in 1932 by the Methodist Church in Singapore. However, the Methodist presence in Hougang can be traced back to 1916 when the Methodist Church acquired a plot of land at Boundary Road to establish a school.
Known as Paya Lebar English school, it started classes in 1918 before moving to a shophouse along Upper Serangoon Road in 1929. In 1932, the Methodist Church inaugurated the Paya Lebar Methodist Church in the same shophouse, and in 1938, a new church building was built on its current site at Boundary Road. Over time, rounds of rebuilding were carried out and the current structure was completed in 1998.

Paya Lebar Methodist Church is known for its services for Peranakan Christians which are conducted in Baba Malay. The church also used to house its Chinese ministry, the Paya Lebar Methodist Chinese Church, from 1938 to 1968, before it relocated to its present site at Upper Paya Lebar Road. Today, the church is active in social services, and provides after school care while advocating for the welfare of the visually impaired.

Besides Paya Lebar Methodist Church, the Methodist Church also built a legacy of education in Hougang. Paya Lebar English School, which started as a boys’ school, is the predecessor of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary and Secondary). Prior to its relocation to its current site, the school used to occupy the present-day Covenant Centre behind Paya Lebar Methodist Church’s main building.

From National Monuments to memories of diverse communities who call Hougang home, these three thematic trails are designed to bring you on a journey of discovery. Explore Hougang beyond its modern housing estates, trace its stories through its built heritage, and get to know how it transformed from kampongs into the suburb it is today.

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