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Rochor Beancurd House


745 Geylang Road, between Lorong 37 and 39 Geylang
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Rochor Beancurd House started over 50 years ago at Rochor Road where they were eating the dessert along the streets from a push from late morning till after midnight.

The snowy white beancurd has a pillowy, soft texture and sits in sugar syrup that is not cloyingly sweet. It is frequently paired with fried dough fritters.
At Rochor Beancurd House, it is also eaten with other snacks as such as the Portugese egg tart, curry puff, fried butterfly fritters and crystal buns. Soya bean milk, available warm or cold and with an optional topping of chewy tapioca pearls, will end the meal on a perfect smile.

Rochor Beancurd House Tel: 67483989 / 82887020

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