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304 North Cardinal St.
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Rosy & Nora


14 Haig Road, #01-15 Haig Road Cooked Food Centre
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Rosy & Nora is are one of the few who makes the a spot-on Roti John. The crusty flat side of a halved baguette the bread is dipped in omelette mixture and sprinkled with soft onions, and then nicely salted and dry-fried for a crispy, crusty bite. and the omelette mixture with soft onions is nicely salted. The spiced mutton minced mutton spread is adequate with has a satisfying hint of curry flavor. It is also refreshing that they need not jazz it up with mayonnaise or cheese on top.

The chilli sauce that’s served alongside has a nice balance of sweet, sour and spicy. They also sell halal popiahs. This place is halal-certified.

Rosy & NoraOpening hours: Daily 2pm - 10pm

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