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304 North Cardinal St.
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Science Centre Singapore


15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
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The Science Centre Singapore prides itself on making science an aspiring and exciting experience for people of all ages.

The Centre has been a custodian of creativity and innovation, capturing the evolution scientific developments through unique and relevant exhibitions and shows and continues to ignite young minds and foster new generations of scientifically savvy Singaporeans.

The Centre houses 14 exhibition galleries with more than 1,000 exhibits covering a wide range of topics related to science, technology and mathematics.

The Centre also offer a wide range of enrichment programmes for students aimed at complementing the school’s formal science education as well as enriching and fun events, competitions and outreach activities for everyone. Check out other Science Centre attractions such as Omni-Theatre, Snow City and KidsSTOP.

Visit Science Centre Singapore's website for more information.

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