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Sharifah Rogayah Keramat


Duxton Plain Park
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This shrine is located inside Duxton Plain Park, behind a row of shophouses. Erected with yellow tiles upon a green base, the site’s design is typical of Malay royalty in Southeast Asia. Even today, it is visited regularly by tourists and devotees. The keramat is being taken care by Mr Ahmad Ridwan, who has been doing so since 1999.

Sharifah Rogayah

The Keramat’s engraving dedicates the site to Sharifah Rogayah, who was said to be the granddaughter of Sayyid Noh bin Sayyid Mohamad bin Sayyid Ahmad Al-Habshi (1788 - 1866), also known as Habib Noh. A direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad, Habib Noh was Singapore’s most famous Muslim holy man. Many miracles within the region were attributed to him.

Sharifah Rogayah was also betrothed to Saywid Alwi bin Ali Aljunied of the Aljunied family. However, not much else is known about her, and her family has declared that her remains do not lie in the shrine.

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