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The Origin & Development of Tiong Bahru


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The Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail begins at the bustling heart of Tiong Bahru: the Market and Food Centre. For decades, locals and visitors alike have gathered here to dine, shop, and socialize. Look for a storyboard that provides insights into the rich history of Tiong Bahru and its vibrant food culture.

Tiong Bahru Road stretches over three kilometers from its western end at Redhill MRT to Outram Road in the east. Many Singaporeans think of Tiong Bahru as a charming and trendy housing estate filled with diverse dining options and unique shops. However, this heritage trail and its marked sites reveal that there is much more to Tiong Bahru than meets the eye.

The iconic Art Deco buildings in Tiong Bahru were constructed during the 1930s, when the Tiong Bahru estate was developed as one of the first public housing programs initiated by the Singapore Improvement Trust, which was the colonial predecessor to the HDB. These 50 low-rise blocks of apartments and shophouses were initially built to provide housing for residents coming from overcrowded areas in Chinatown.

Today, Tiong Bahru is an exclusive residential area and one of Singapore's most desirable addresses, but it has a fascinating past. In reality, the area surrounding Tiong Bahru used to be a burial ground where numerous graves dotted the landscape.

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