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Tomb of Mr Wong Chin Yoke


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Wong Chin Yoke was a detective constable for many years, rising up the ladder from a grade 5 detective in 1921 to the rank of Inspector in 1928. In 1938, he was awarded the King's Police Medal (the highest honour for policeman) for his role in suppression of subversive organisations in the Special Branch (Political Intelligence). He played a huge role in the clean-up of communist in 1929 and 1933. The previous year, 1937, he was one of the recipients of the Coronation Medal.

This tomb is guarded by a pair of Sikh and Indian statues measuring more than a meter; the tallest in Bukit Brown Cemetery. They have a rank of 'Havaldar' as represented by the rank of 3 chevron symbols on their arms.These statues have prominent ammunition belts across their chests. One of the statue carries a dagger, known as a 'Kirpan' and a standard issue British army weapon for the Sikhs. Notice the Chinese guardian lions at the feet of the statues, commonly referred to as "Foo Dogs" in the western context. These dogs come alive with their flaming tails and are reaching out to their masters adorably, as if trying to seek their attention.

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