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a bosomy woman


Refers to a voluptuous lady.


  • The Mandarin term “波” is the Cantonese transliteration of the English term “ball”. It is used mainly in the Hong Kong and Macau region.
  • The term “波” also refers to a woman\'s bosom, while the Mandarin term “霸” is used to describe something that is big or substantial. Hence, voluptuous women are referred to as “波霸”.
  • The term is considered by some to have negative connotations.
  • The term originated from Hong Kong as a nickname used by the media to refer to female artistes with voluptuous figures.


Ann Poh first entered showbiz after being discovered on the Channel U variety show “Snap”. With her 36F assets, she was also known as “the bosomy woman of Singapore”. (Shin Min Daily News, 18/5/2020)