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/ah-bahng,ˈɑbɑŋ/ n. [Mal., elder brother; male cousin or male friend of one’s own generation ; Ind. abang older brother or sister; form of reference for older males; form of address by wife to husband regardless of latter’s age (Echols & Shadily, Ind.–Eng.)]
[1955 R.J. Wilkinson A Malay–English Dictionary, vol. 1, 1 abang. ..(Mal., Java) «Elder brother»; .. Also, familiarly, of persons regarded as elder brothers, such as elder cousins and intimate friends; occasionally, a term used by a wife to a husband.. 1963 Richard Winstedt*An Unabridged Malay*–English Dictionary abang.. elder brother, male cousin or male friend or one’s own generation, wife’s term for husband of any age..]Mal. slang A familiar term of address for a male relative or close friend who is of one’s generation but older than oneself.