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v. [< Eng. action n.1 Appear to be carrying on an activity, working, etc.; put on a display.  2 Boast, show off.
2 2001Michelle Ho (quotingLouis Tan) The Sunday Times (Sunday Plus), 14 January, P7 When the music is good, it’s fun to action a bit on the dance floor.  2005Colin Goh The Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 30 January, L12 You very action, mah.  2006Nur Amira Abdul Karim (quotingAng Wei Kiat) The Sunday Times, 30 July, 35 Wei Kiat admits that his grasp of English grammar is poor and his vocabulary, weak. He does not speak “high class English” to his friends and family. Says Wei Kiat, “Wait people think I very action.”