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/ah-doy, ɑˈdɔɪ/int. [< Mal. adoh, aduh oh!, an interjection of grief or pain; adohai, adohi, adui, aduhai oh! an interjection of sorrowful surprise (Wilkinson);adoh, adohi, adohai exclamations of pain or wonder ; compare Ind. aduh ouch! ow! (Echols & Shadily, Ind.–Eng.); Jav. aḍo, aḍuh exclamation of pain, sorrow, joy (Horne); Kristang adoi ouch! (Baxter & de Silva)][1955 R.J. Wilkinson A Malay–English Dictionary, vol. 1, 7 adoh. Oh! as an interjection of grief or pain. A. [adoh] mak: id.; Si Jamin [Si-Djamin dan Si Djohan (2nd ed.), (Batavia: Balai Poestaka)] 35. ..  adohai, adohi. Oh! as an interjection of sorrowful surprise, = adoh + hai; cf. Gem. Ht. [Kitab Gemala Hikmat] 84 and the riddling description of a durian (pěgang adohi, buka ambohi) «oh! oh! when you grasp it, and hullo! hullo! when you open it» [oh! oh! from the pain; hullo! hullo! from the startling odour it releases.] Also adui aud [sic: and] aduhai. .. aduh = adoh (Oh!).  2006 William Gwee Thian Hock A Baba Malay Dictionary 22 adoey/adoh ([Mal.] aduh) an exclamation of pain (akin to ‘ouch’)] often Mal. slang  An exclamation expr. consternation, disbelief, exasperation, surprise, pain, etc.2008 Colin Goh The Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 28 December, 11 “Adoooi,” the cabbie shook his head, as he pulled out of the lane. “Nowadays, the children ah!” .. “Saturday night, adoi! My cab can be like tiger show, you know? Some of the girls wear dental floss only!”