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/ah-gah(k), ˈɑɡɑ(k̚)/n. & v. [Mal., conjecture, guessing; agak-agak approximately, as far as one can guess, more or less] Also agak-agak. A n. A guess, an estimation: agaration. B v. Guess, estimate.
2000Cheong Suk-wai andMagdalene Lum (quotingHooi Kok Wai) The Sunday Times (Sunday Plus), 26 November, P2 ‘He was from the “no room for agak-agak” school of cooking. Every recipe had to have a precise formula, as he believed firmly that was the only way to keep the quality of dishes consistent.’Agak-agak means to guesstimate. 2004 Teo Pau Lin (quoting Pamelia Lee)The Straits Times (LifeStyle), 9 May, 32 [A]ll along she’d cooked by agak (estimation). So when she wrote the cookbook, she had to discipline herself to putting everything into measurements. B 2008 Huang Lijie (quotingHenrietta Tay) The Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 7 December, 28 “My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law used to tell me their recipes needed ‘a little of this and a little of that’, so I’m used to agak-agak.” Agak-agak is Malay for guesstimate.