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/ah-gah, ˈɑɡɑː/ n. [Mal.][1 1955 R.J. Wilkinson A Malay–English Dictionary, vol. 1, 9 agar-agar: (specifically) the so-called «seaweed» from which seaweed-jelly is made.. These include Gracilaria lichenoides and Eucheuma spinosum; but much jelly is made from imported material (Gelideum spp.). 2 1955 R.J. Wilkinson A Malay–English Dictionary, vol. 1, 9 agar-agar:.. (gen.) jelly and things suggesting it such as «Turkish delight» and gelatine (a.-a. bělanda, Sul. Ment. [Soeloh Menternakkan Hidoephidoepan, Part I (Batavia: Balai Poestaka)] 16).]Also agar agar1 The seaweed Ceylon moss (Gracilaria lichenoides) or Eucheuma spinosum, used for making jelly.  2 A food item made of sweetened, sometimes flavoured, agar-agar which is eaten on its own or used in other desserts.
1 1813 William Milburn Oriental Commerce, vol. II, ch. 23, 304 Agal Agal is a species of sea-weed, in which some trade is carried on by the Chinese. 1820John Crawfurd History of the Indian Archipelago, vol. III, IX, ch. 2, 181 The articles of the return cargo [to China] .. embrace .. agar-a-gar, or sea-weed, tripang, or sea-slug. 
1894 N.B. DennysA Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya 12Agar-Agar.– The Malay name for a species of marine alga, the Fucus saccharinus of botanists; growing on the rocky shores of many of the Malayan islands, and forming a considerable article of export to China by junks. It is esculent when boiled to a jelly, and is also used by the Chinese as a vegetable glue. Of late years it has been largely adopted in the European cuisine as a substitute for isinglass with which to make blanc-manges, jellies, &c., though wanting somewhat in delicacy of taste. The principal place of production is Pulo Pangkor Laut (Dindings) opposite Perak. 2 2001Raelene TanThe Sunday Times (Special), 14 January, P12 The ubiquitous pineapple tarts and rose-flavoured jelly (agar agar).  2006 Thng Lay Teen The Sunday Times (LifeStyle) (from Straits Times Interactive), 25 June. .. I was not the only one who wanted to know how brown rice cakes, dumplings and agar agar would turn out.