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/air-kon, ˈɛːkɒn/n., v. & a. [Eng., abbrev. of Air-conditioner, air-conditioning] Also aircon.

  1. n. Air-conditioner.
  2. v. Install an air-conditioner; cool a room using an air-conditioner.
  3. a. Air-conditioned, cooled by air-conditioning.
  • A 2000 Teo Pau Lin (quoting Dasmond Koh) The Sunday Times (Sunday Plus), 3 December, P26 People think we just.. enjoy the air-con. 2005‘Mr Brown’ (Lee Kin Mun)Today, 6 May, 32 [F]ewer people will loiter.. less air-con will be used. Added cost savings! 2005 Tay Yek KeakThe Sunday Times (from Straits Times Interactive), 7 August. I hear complaints every day. Half of them in my head, from me complaining about me to me. At first they sound very irritating. Then they turn into a droning noise like an air-con that’s been running too long. Then they gain a rhythm. Now, they’re background music I cannot shake off. .. 2007 Neil Humphreys Weekend Today (from, 20 January. Singapore might be a fine city but it’s also a humid one, so don’t even think about messing with their air-con.
  • B 2005 ‘Mr Brown’ (Lee Kin Mun)Today, 22 April, 30 There will still be security cameras in our casinos, but at least the place will be aircon-ed. 2006 Colin Goh The Sunday Times (LifeStyle) (from Straits Times Interactive), 18 June. Wouldn’t this be a more pleasant experience if they air-conned the whole stadium.
  • C 1987Toh Paik ChooOn the Buses 16 Air-con buses. 2003 ‘Mr Brown’ (Lee Kin Mun)Today, 5 December, 54 Apparently, there are soldiers out there who believe the new IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) in an aircon gym is not a good thing. 2005 ‘Mr Brown’ (Lee Kin Mun)Today, 18 March, 36 [W]e decided to stick to the air-con places.