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/?-yoh, ???j??/int. [Mand. 哎哟āiyō]  An exclamation expr. concern, consternation, dismay, frustration, surprise, etc.
2000Karamjit KaurThe Straits Times, 15 February, 44 aiyoh, that’s all is it?  2000Teo Pau Lin (quoting Dasmond Koh) The Sunday Times (Sunday Plus), 3 December, P26 Aiyoh, we sound so guai (decent)!  2006Juliana June Rasul (quotingSheila Majid) Today, 25 July, 30 Aiyoh! Don’t call me that [a veteran] lah. Macam (like) pensioner lah.a-jay /ay-jay, ?e?d?e?/n. & a. [Eng. gay in pig Latin with the g modified to j] Also ay-jay.  Homosexual, gay.  CompareG, PLU.AK abbrev. of ah kua, ah kwa.