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akshen aje

/ak-sh?n ah-jay, ?ak??n ?ɑ?d?e?/a. phr. [< Eng. action + Mal. aja, aje,var. of sahaja, sajaonly, merely; compare Ind. sadja just, merely (Echols & Shadily, Ind.–Eng.) (Wilkinson notes that in Bazaar Mal. sahaja means ‘only’ and that the older meaning (‘intentionally’) has been lost sight of. Winstedt says that sadja, saja are < Skt., but no similar words have been found in Monier-Williams)] Mal. slang  Pretend to be tough when one is not.
1991Valerie TanThe Straits Times (Section 3), 9 August, 19 akshen aje – act tough only.