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aksi borak

/ak-see bo-rahk, ?aksi??b?rɑk/a. [Ind. aksi action; to take action; to act in a bragging way (Echols & Shadily, Ind.–Eng.); Jav. aksi action; act of aggression; arrogant, overbearing; personal style (Horne), poss. < Eng. action + poss. Mal. borak, berborak chatter, drivel, trail on ; or Jav. bora(k), mborak(a) I don’t care! to hell with it! (Echols & Shadily, Ind.–Eng.)][2006William Gwee Thian Hock A Baba Malay Dictionary 23 aksi ([Mal.] aksi) a put-on action aksi borak to show off] Also ellipt.aksi.  Arrogant, proud, stuck-up, yaya. 2000 Leong Liew Geok “Forever Singlish” in Women without Men 130 Proper English? So lecheh, / So correct, so actsy for what?