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Ali Baba bag

n. [Eng., poss. f. the fact that the bag appears tall enough to contain a person, like the oil-jars that the thieves hid in to attack Ali Baba, a fictional character in the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves f. The Arabian Nights orA Thousand and One Nights; compare Ali Baba basket a tall laundry basket resembling in shape the oil-jars in which the thieves hid to attack Ali Baba]  mil.  A soldier’s duffle bag or kit bag, a tall cylindrical canvas bag for carrying personal belongings.
1981Martin Choo (ed.) The Singapore Armed Forces 108 Each enlistee leaves.. with items packed into a duffel bag more commonly known as the ‘Ali-Baba’ bag.  1990Mickey ChiangFighting Fit: The Singapore Armed Forces 112 At the General Supply Base, they receive their army kit, and an ‘Ali Baba’ bag, a big duffle bag large enough to contain all their kit.. and more. .. To the young recruit who is already carrying a civilian bag packed with his belongings and spare civilian clothing, the Ali Baba bag is a man-size load.amacam /ah-mah-chahm, ɑmɑ?t?ɑm/int. [Mal. a(PA) macam what kind of; how; what (Wilkinson); what’s this?, what’s up? :apa how, somehow, somewhat, what, which (Wilkinson: see quot. 1955 below) + macam, macham sort, type, kind, like (Wilkinson); kind, sort, quality; like (Winstedt, who says the word is Tam.)][1955 R.J. Wilkinson A Malay–English Dictionary, vol. 1, 40 apa. .. What; how; which; somehow; somewhat. An idiomatic word giving a suggestion of indefiniteness or interrogation – even contemptuous interrogation – to the sentence in which it occurs. .. Apa macham: what kind of; how; what.  vol. 2, 717 macham. Sort; type; kind; like. A word much used in Bazaar-Malay: .. apa m[acham] (how)..  2011Colin Goh The Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 18 September, 16 Apa macam, Eck Kheng? (Malay for ‘so how’?)  1963 Richard WinstedtAn Unabridged MalayEnglish Dictionary 222 apa m[acham]? what’s this? what’s up?]What’s this?, what’s up?, how are you doing?
Nur Amira Abdul Karim (quotingAhmad Ali Hatta) The Sunday Times, 30 July, 35 I say ‘wassup?’ or ‘amacam?’ which are equivalent to ‘how are you?’ to my friends. But I would certainly not write that down in an essay. I doubt any other student would.