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ar ka chi

/kah chee, kɑ? t??/ v. phr. [Hk. k’h?h according to Medhurst (p. lxii), a colloquial particle which does not appear to have any corresponding sounds in the reading dialect, being probably introduced from some foreign language, or indigenous to Fujian (Fukien) Province before its union with the empire of China + ch?et, (vernacular)che?h to break, to break off; compare 拗折 aóu ch?et to twist off (Medhurst); Mand.zhé break, snap; bend, twist (Chi.–Eng. Dict.)]  Currying a person’s favour to such an extent that the effort backfires.
1978Leong Choon CheongYouth in the Army 303 a ka chih. ar to the extent of breaking one’s arm.  Overdoing the art of currying favour to the extent of losing out in the end: Hokkien.