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/ah, ɑ?/v.[poss. < Hk. aóu to twist (Medhurst); Mand.ǎo bend so as to break (Chi.–Eng. Dict.)]  Find favour with, curry favour with.
1978Leong Choon Cheong (quoting Tay Poh Hock)Youth in the Army 53 So if you ar with the IC.. you can chiah chua a bit.  303 ar. Get into favour with (usually aimed at someone who gets on well with his superiors. This may denote either the person’s ability at doing it or the superior’s ‘niceness’): Hokkien. Sometimes used with a sign – one arm in Indian wrestling movements.  1985Michael ChiangArmy Daze 32 Ar (Hokkien) Favour, as in curry favour. Eg, ‘This officer can ar one, man.’ (Translated, this officer is one with whom one can negotiate.)Comb. and phrases: