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at least


  1. Used to describe the lowest limit.
  2. Minimally.


  • Originated from the Cantonese term daa dai.
  • The term “打底” was initially used to refer to “eating something before drinking alcoholic drinks so as to protect the stomach”. Its use in Cantonese eventually expanded to include two more definitions: namely “to don inner wear for support” and “lay a foundation”. In newspapers, the term “得分垫底” is also often used to mean “having the lowest score”. Here, “垫底” refers to “the minimum”.
  • In Singapore, the term “打底” initially referred to “the least” or “the lowest limit”. Its meaning then grew to include the second definition of “at least”.


The autograph session finally began at around 8pm, as the staff arranged for the media to come on stage in an orderly manner to take videos and photos. Additionally, the record company hired exceptional security personnel, each of them at least 1.7m in height, and cutting a cool figure in their black jackets, skinny trousers and black leather boots. Just the look of them alone is enough to make you stay away. (Lianhe Zaobao, 10/01/2008)


  • The term generally refers to the action of painting the base colour used in the first layer of a painting to contrast its main colour. Unlike its use in Singapore, the term is used in Mainland China to refer to having some food before drinking alcohol or wearing base layers of clothing.