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attend C

n.[Eng., poss. < attend v. of a medical man: to pay professional visits to (a patient)]mil. 1 Medical leave assigned by an army medical officer excusing a soldier from all duties.  2 The state of being issued with an attend C medical certificate; excused from all duties.  3 A soldier who is on attend C status.
1985Michael ChiangArmy Daze 34 Attend C. More valuable doctor’s prescription. Equivalent to an MC – now can switch off. 2004 Col. Bernard TohToday, 25 May, 10 ‘Attend C’ medical leave means that the serviceman needs complete rest, either at home or in the barracks.  2 1994 C.S. ChongNS: An air-level Story 135 attend B/C. Types of medical conditions. .. C means something serious enough to confine one to bed, sickbay or home.  31994C.S. ChongNS: An Air-Level Story 51 There were Attend B’s and C’s for this grand occasion.