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The term “浸濡” originally meant being splashed and drenched in water, used as a metaphor for experiencing a situation. In Singapore, it generally refers to the experiencing of foreign customs and culture so that one can understand its language and culture better.


The term “浸濡“ or “immersion” is closely related to education in Singapore, and is used to describe students who are on exchange or are studying abroad. For example, the Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP), established by the Ministry of Education in 1990, aims to cultivate bilingual talents and improve students’ proficiency and literacy in Chinese. The activities of this two-year programme include an overseas immersion, which involves learning trips to Beijing, Shanghai or Taipei.

To encourage learning of Chinese language and culture, the Ministry of Education launched a 4-year Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese) (BSP(C)) in some selected Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools in 2005, which included immersion programmes in China.


From next year onwards, a two-year Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) will be open to Secondary 3 students, which requires them to take ‘O’ Level Chinese Literature. For students in Integrated Programme (IP) Schools, they will take a school-based Chinese Literature subject instead. In addition, students will participate in activities such as CLEP camps, writing camps, literature lectures, and immersion programmes to deepen their knowledge. (Lianhe Wanbao,28/5/2019)


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