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The colloquial name for the triangular plate that a new driver must display at the front and back of his car during his first year of driving. Also known in Mandarin as 新手牌, 三角新手牌 or P牌.


  • Drivers who have just obtained an automobile or motorcycle driving license are called new drivers.
  • From 1 September 1994, according to the Government regulations, all new drivers in their first year of driving are legally required to display a probation plate (P-plate) on the front and rear of their car.
  • As the design of the probation plate comprises of two inverted yellow triangles and a red triangle, it is commonly known as a triangle plate.
  • For automobiles, probation plates are to be displayed on the upper right corner of the front and rear windshields respectively.
  • For motorcycles, probation plates should be placed directly above the headlights and the rear license plate.
  • New drivers who do not display a probation plate while driving will be subjected to a fine. Their driver’s licenses may be revoked if they violate the law for the third time.


Because a “P-plate” with its red triangle against a yellow background was found on the back of the car, it is believed that the driver who caused the accident has just obtained his driver’s license. (Lianhe Zaobao, 7/12/2019).


实习标志 (Mainland China), “P”字牌 (Hong Kong)