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A judicial official whose duty is to appear in court as a public prosecutor to prosecute the defendant, or conduct appeals.


  • The Mandarin term “主控官” is a paraphrase of the English “prosecutor”.
  • A prosecutor is a civil servant who the Public Prosecutor has authorised. The position is usually assumed by Deputy Public Prosecutors.
  • A prosecutor represents the public prosecutor and performs prosecutions related to criminal cases and other duties. These duties include appearing in court to conduct appeals, making property-related requests or applications, and authorising the police to conduct investigations.
  • Criminal proceedings in Singapore are mainly divided into two types: public prosecution and private prosecution. For minor crimes, the victim can file a lawsuit with the Magistrates’ Courts of the Subordinate Courts. This is known as a private prosecution. For more serious crimes, the prosecutor brings a lawsuit to court, which is called a public prosecution.
  • In Singapore, some simple criminal cases do not have to be prosecuted to court through the Attorney-General’s Chambers, thus improving the efficiency and speed of handling cases.


Unlike the replies of regular agencies that require multiple layers of approval by the management before they can be issued, a prosecutor’s legal documents have already been submitted to the court, and do not require further deliberations or amendments by public relations personnel. (Lianhe Zaobao, 16/07/2017)

检察员, 公诉人 (Mainland China)