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To date somebody

  1. To engage in a romantic relationship.
  2. Dating between a couple.


  • The term paktor originates from Cantonese (Guangzhou dialect). In Cantonese, pak is used to describe two parties being close to each other, side by side, and “tor” refers to the holding of hands. Paktor (pronounced in Cantonese as pak tō) is used to describe a courting couple holding hands and walking side-by-side.
  • Another belief is that steam boats along the Pearl River (Zhujiang) used to tow (“tor”) wooden boats. When the steam boats came near the river bank, they are unable to enter, and needed the wooden boats to transport workers to unload goods onto the shore. Subsequently, the term paktor came to be used to describe a couple holding hands and walking side by side.


Having an inter-racial marriage separated by distance, the travel agent married her sailor husband after 8 years of paktor-ing, but she said it felt like they have only been together for 4 years. (Shin Min Daily News, 21/3/2019)