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  1. To hitch a free ride.
  2. To share lodgings with another person.
  3. To have someone pass an item to another person along the way.


  • The Mandarin term “隆帮” is a transliteration of the Malay term tumpang, which means to stack, or accumulate.
  • Tumpang is a root word in Malay. Its meaning and part of speech changes when used with different affixes. For example:
  1. menumpang: verb, meaning “to share lodgings, or hitch a ride”.
  2. menumpangi: verb, meaning “to share lodgings at”.
  3. menumpangkan: verb, meaning to “put…with/in the care of”.
  4. tumpangan: noun, meaning “item to be passed along” or “location of temporary residence”.
  5. penumpang: noun, meaning “lodger”, “passenger” or “entrusted person”.
  6. penumpangan: noun, meaning “the matter of lodging or hitching a ride”.
  7. tertumpang: adjective, describing “lodging with”.
  • The above mentioned meanings were subsequently accepted into Mandarin usage in Singapore.


Hence, I offered him both the carrot and the stick, but he refused to admit that he had rented the place out. Instead, he would always insist that his friend was just residing there (tumpang) for a few days, and not on a long-term basis. Strangely enough, whenever he had strangers residing with him, he would always be able to pay his rent on time. (Shin Min Daily News,25/3/2019)


  • Tumpang is also used in Singlish with the same meanings of “to reside with, to have someone do something for another person, and to hitch a ride.”