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2 Kampong Kapor Road (Former Kampong Kapor Community Centre)


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When the old Kampong Kapor Community Centre was completely burnt down in March 1970, former MP Mr Yeo Toon Chia rallied people of the community to rebuild the centre. Along with the Kampong Kapor neighbourhood, he raised the funds needed to erect a new two-storey building.
The new centre, which took approximately $120,000 to build, was formally opened on 21 October 1971 by then-President Benjamin Sheares during his tour of People’s Association establishments. Kampong Kapor Community Centre became known as the first centre to be opened by a President.
The modern reconstruction of Kampong Kapor Community Centre was a modest and functional reinforced concrete building, complete with a flat concrete roof. A modulated façade design and planar manipulation gave the centre’s new design a playful touch.

A Community Restored

Mr Yeo recognised the importance of rebuilding the centre, as it provided the residents with a space to feel connected and helped to restore a communal area that was also the focal point for social interaction. The rebuilt centre continued to serve the needs of the residents in the area, functioning as a space for people to participate in community activities.

A Society’s Renewed Aspiration

Today, the site no longer functions as a community centre. The space, however, has been home to multiple ownerships and continues to provide the community with a number of social and skill-building activities.
These include a Boxfit Gym from 2014 to 2016 and several organisations promoting performing arts and culture, such as Singai Tamil Singam (STS) and Apsar Asia. At the time of writing in November 2020, it is home to NATC Institute—a private institution that offers an extensive range of courses for students and working adults alike.
Formerly the home of Kampong Kapor Community Centre, the current modest white building at Kampong Kapor Road is a product of a community effort to replace the original site that was burnt down in March 1970.

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