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Jamal Kazura Aromatics


728 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198696
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A Legacy of Scents

Name of business:Jamal Kazura Aromatics

Business location:

  • 728 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198696
  • 21 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199439
  • 39 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199457

Business type:Perfumery and Aromatics


Jamal Kazura Aromatics is the oldest homegrown perfume business in Singapore that specializes in perfumery. Founded in 1933 as Kazura Company, the family business started out as a general trade store in Kampong Gelam, supplying Muslim products like books on Islam and Hajj pilgrimage items. Today, you can find their unique in-house blends and minyak attar- a non-alcoholic, oil-based perfume, at their three branches in Kampong Gelam, including the original shop at 728 North Bridge Road and two other shops at 21 and 39 Bussorah Street.

The shop's exterior and interior decor ooze sophistication and elegance, adorned with gold markings and polished wood furnishings. Inside, visitors are greeted with a medley of pleasant scents - the woody smell of burning incense, hints of spice, and sweet, zesty, and earthy smells emanating from beautiful perfume bottles. The yellow lights illuminating each bottle offer a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The founder's grandson, Mr Samir Kazura, now runs the business, ensuring that the natural ingredients used are of high quality and sustainable sources. He has also created new blends inspired by present-day trends while still retaining the traditional heritage of perfumes. Mr Samir is actively exploring ways to modernize the business without losing its identity and legacy.

Jamal Kazura Aromatics is an excellent destination for those seeking authentic, high-quality perfumes that celebrate the heritage of traditional perfumery.

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