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In 2004, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) moved from Cantonment Road to its current premises at Lengkok Bahru. The move was marked by a symbolic march as all officers donned specially designed T-shirts to bid farewell to the old office and embrace the new one. The Lengkok Bahru building was purposefully designed for both the Bureau and the public, with secured areas for staff to conduct investigations and interviews and public areas like the heritage centre and auditorium for visitors.

During the Lengkok Bahru period, the CPIB achieved significant milestones and represented Singapore at various international anti-corruption platforms. In 2012, the CPIB celebrated its 60th anniversary as the world's oldest anti-corruption agency. Singapore has also remained the least corrupt country in the Asia-Pacific region according to the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy annual poll. The CPIB played a critical role in Singapore's transformation from a third world to a first world country.

To strengthen the Bureau's identity, the CPIB flag was commissioned in 2004. It features a horizontal bi-colour of white above red with the CPIB logo on the upper-left. The upper white portion signifies the Bureau's high standard of integrity and role in keeping Singapore corruption-free, while the lower red portion represents its role as a key state institution.

The CPIB's capabilities were also strengthened during this period, with the formation of a Computer Forensics Unit in 2004 and a full-time financial investigation unit four years later to tackle sophisticated financial crimes with a predicate corruption offence.

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