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Leong Poh Kee Pte Ltd


289 Beach Road, #01-02, Singapore 199552
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Inheriting a Piece of Time

Name of business:Leong Poh Kee Pte. Ltd.
Other names of business: 梁波記錶行
Business location:289 Beach Road #01-02, Singapore 199552
Business type:Luxury Watch Wholesaler and Retailer

Leong Poh Kee is a timepiece retailer with a rich history. Founded in 1931 by the Leong family, who have been running it for four generations, the business has grown steadily over the years. The third-generation owner, Mr William Leong, continues to work alongside his siblings, Ms Jenny and Mr Thomas Leong, to maintain their family's values.

The company started out as a watch repair store on Smith Street in Chinatown, but eventually shifted to wholesale because of the growing family. Over time, they expanded their customer base beyond Singapore, exporting watches to countries like Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. They also sold to sailors from cruise ships that called at Singapore.

Despite facing challenges when trying to expand into retail, the Leong family remained committed to building strong relationships with partners and clients. This neighbourly spirit has helped them maintain long-lasting friendships with customers and neighbours in Kampong Gelam precinct.

In recent years, Leong Poh Kee has undergone a business revamp, including a renovation of their shop before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The fourth generation of leaders are focused on accelerating their social media and digitalisation plan to develop a new virtual customer base and attract more customers to their shop.

The key to the longevity of Leong Poh Kee is not passing the business down from one generation to the next, but rather cherishing familial ties and helping each other out. This family value has clearly stood the test of time.

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