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Masjid An-Nur


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Masjid An-Nur, which means "The Light" in Arabic, serves as a place of worship and community space for Woodlands' Muslim residents and Malaysians working in Singapore. Prior to its construction in 1980, the area's Muslim community had to make do with small surau that became overcrowded as the population grew. Villagers began raising funds to build a mosque in the 1960s, and by 1978, they had raised nearly $36,000. With additional support from the Mosque Building Fund, the mosque was completed and inaugurated by senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Rahim Ishak.

Designed by HDB architect Tony Tan Keng Joo, Masjid An-Nur is a prominent landmark in Woodlands with a 55-metre-high minaret and sky-blue exterior walls that have earned it the nickname "Blue Mosque of Singapore." The prayer hall features a mimbar (pulpit) with batik-like patterns and a golden dome that catches and reflects light, alluding to the mosque's name.

In 2013, the mosque underwent upgrades to accommodate up to 6,000 worshippers and now includes ramps and lifts for those with disabilities. In addition to providing a place for prayer, Masjid An-Nur runs Qaryah, a community program that organizes communal activities such as kenduri, Tarawih prayers, and Islamic singing throughout various parts of Woodlands.

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Opened on 20 April 1980, Masjid An-Nur was the first mosque built in Woodlands. It serves as a place of worship and a community space for Woodlands’ Muslim residents as well as Malaysians working in Singapore.

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