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Masjid Assyafaah


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Opened on 9 April 2004, Masjid Assyafaah serves as a place of worship and a community space for Muslims living in Sembawang and surrounding areas in the north. The name “Assyafaah” comes from the Arabic term Shafa’ah, which means “intercession”.

Before Masjid Assyafaah was built, Muslims living in the area worshipped at Masjid Jumah Sembawang off Sembawang Road, which was built by Indian Muslims in the 1920s and demolished in 1995. Another mosque in the area was Masjid Naval Base, which was built in 1968 by Muslim staff of the former Sembawang Naval Base. Masjid Naval Base was demolished in the early 2000s and replaced by Masjid Assyafaah, which was built to accommodate the growing Muslim community of Sembawang.

Designed by Tan Kok Hiang of Forum Architects, Masjid Assyafaah stands out as a mosque that integrates Islamic symbols with contemporary architecture. The four-storey mosque houses separate prayer rooms for men and women, classrooms and a multi-purpose hall which can accommodate up to 4,000 congregants.

Instead of a traditional minaret, the mosque has a 33-metre high steel tower bearing a star and crescent moon. Inside, the prayer rooms are naturally lit by skylights in the roof and framed by screens with rich arabesque patterns (an Islamic art form). These decorative screens also provide natural ventilation for the prayer hall.

Apart from providing a place for prayer and religious learning, Masjid Assyafaah also serves the wider Sembawang community through events and activities such as its annual Family Fiesta and food distribution to needy households.

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