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Property Name and Address

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has been granted the authority to assign and change the house and unit numbers of any property under the Property Tax Act. Buildings and units are numbered for identification purposes, and it is essential that property developers, owners, or their appointed representatives apply to IRAS for a unique property address to be authorized for use and display at a noticeable location. The usage of an unauthorized number is considered an offense under the Property Tax Act.

A house address comprises

[House Number] [Street Name] [# Unit Number, if any], Singapore [Postal Code]

The assigned number, when combined with the name of the street where it is located, forms a distinctive address. House and unit numbers should provide clear location or direction cues to the public so that they can be easily identified and located by emergency personnel, delivery services, and the public in a quick and efficient manner.

A good house/unit number is one that is appropriate and relates to the street where the main entrance/frontage is located, is sequential to the planning of numbers for the building and street, and avoids confusion with another building or unit in another part of Singapore.

Applicants are encouraged to read through the house and unit number guidelines in the handbook provided. It explains the significance of house and unit numbers and the considerations taken by IRAS when approving house and/or unit number applications.

Property developers, owners, or their appointed representatives may submit an application through the e-service provided. Please ensure that you have all necessary information/documents before making an application. Generally, IRAS takes 4 weeks to process the application upon receipt of complete information. A Certificate of Numbering (CON) indicating the list of allotted numbers will be issued by IRAS to the applicant.

You can submit an application through the e-service.

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