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Where to Find Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore

Many parents and students struggle with math skills, despite their educational support. However, there are several options available for secondary maths tuition in Singapore. Here are some of the best places to find tuition:

1. Family Tutor

This company provides tuition for math, science, English, personal and career counseling, as well as fun games and learning styles. They offer online and in-person classes, making it convenient for families.

2. Southeast Asia International School

This school offers various curriculums for students from grade 6 onwards, including the Cambridge IGCSE program. They also offer online programs for those who cannot attend in person.

3. Taipei American School

This school offers tuition in both elementary and secondary levels, with a focus on helping students learn how to do better in math. They provide comprehensive learning programs in various languages and offer after-school tutoring for students who need it.

4. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

This private school offers secondary math tuition as part of a comprehensive education in fine arts. They provide tuition for all subjects and offer students the opportunity to learn drawing, painting, and design on an Advanced Level.

5. NTU’S Secondary School

This is one of the best places to get math tuition in Singapore, with small class sizes and access to teachers who are available for questions and help with homework. The school is also located near the center of Singapore, making transportation easy.


This institution offers a second-level course that provides students with various courses, including math classes. The cost for the course is about $4,000 for one semester, with tuition for English learners offered at a lower price. They also offer counseling services to help students understand the material.

Overall, there are many options for secondary maths tuition in Singapore, and parents should choose a program that meets their child.

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