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Shelton College International (Former Blangah Rise Primary School)


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The site that Shelton College International currently stands to be the home of Blangah Rise Primary School – a school that children growing up around Telok Blangah in the 1970s are familiar with.

Blangah Rise Primary School

Blangah Rise Primary School was Established in 1977 and officially opened on 12 July 1978 by the MP for Radin Mas at the time, Mr Bernard Chen. The school was an English-medium government school with an initial enrolment of about 1,200 pupils.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the school was one of the few schools in Singapore that offered night study classes for its students. In 1984, the school became a part of the School Executive Committee scheme, a scheme which was intended to grant more autonomy to schools.

In December 1999, it moved to its current premises at Telok Blangah Heights, while absorbing former students from Jagoh Primary School. The site was then taken over by Shelton College International.

Campus Architecture and Style

The school campus is located along Telok Blangah Rise, on the foot of Mount Faber. There are 2 main blocks in the campus, both of which are 4-storey blocks with an “n”-shaped plan and a single-storey hall.

The modern reinforced concrete buildings are designed to fit the tropical climate of Singapore. The blocks have many openings at both sides to allow for effective penetration of natural light and cross ventilation. The hall has a huge double-pitched roof with extended eaves, sheltered walkways and verandas around the perimeter, to provide shelter from the tropical rain and sun. The campus sits among rows of mature rain trees.

From Blangah Rise Primary School to Shelton College international, the site at Telok Blangah rise has been a home for students from all walks of life.

Located at the foot of Mount Faber, Shelton College International used to be the home of Blangah Rise Primary School. Currently, it is an educational institution for local and international students.

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